• Inspiration for a New Year

    With each new year, I find a little time over the holiday break to enjoy looking ahead, setting personal goals and searching for new opportunities for both my personal and working life. Here's a collection of my recent findings and sources of inspiration. 

    Atlas Obscura: 

    Definitive guidebook to the world's most wondrous places

    If you are looking for adventure down the street or around the world, you can find some facinating places featured in wonderful detail on The editors seek out those places with hidden secrets and incredible bak stories. 

    Soundbreaking Documentary:

    Stories from the cutting edge of Recording Music

    Most of my childhood and graduate studies were steeped in music and the arts. So the Soundbreaking series on PBS caught me by complete suprise. It's a wonderful look at an industry that combines art and technology to literally push the sound barrier from the perspective of the people behind the curtain (or sound booth). This very special series, produced in collaboration with George Martin, extends online with additional interviews and a special look behind the scenes.

    Intel Compute Stick:

    Transform any display into a complete computer

    For years, I've been hoping to see technology reach this flash point where all of our needed computing power fits easily in our pocket. Then we have the freedom to choose the format to view and access. Intel has recently released the Intel Compute Stick which essentially does just that. They have packed a computer into a format the size of a small stick of gum which you can plug into almost any monitor with an HDMI input.

    CBS Sunday Morning:

    Inspiring stories from around the country 

    Each week I look forward to watching CBS Sunday Morning. The show is both entertaining and educational - eye-opening and always delightful. My optimism about our surrounding community is renewed each week - especially after week-over-week of less-than-positive news from around the world. 

    US National Parks:

    The national treasure that is our great outdoors

    Undeniably, our nation's greatest gift to the American people are the US National Parks. All of us need to make time to visit these natural wonders. Currently, there are 58 parks across the United States - each offering something unique and truly remarkable. The National Park Service is now beginning their second century (if you can believe it), so get out there and explore!

    Mozart In The Jungle:

    An absolutely hilarious look at the life of a symphony orchestra

    Amazon's award winning original series "Mozart in the Jungle" is nothing less than brilliant. The creators of this series do such a fabulous job at combining art and entertainment. Numerous internal stories strike a personal chord with me. From the energetic, passionate and completely wild (and mysterious) maestro - to the struggling musicians searching for purpose - the aspiring filmmaker - the aging and retired conductor who transforms into a brilliant composer finding a new audience - and the various other performers who's lives are beuatifully complicated and oh-so-real. Just love it. If you have Amazon Prime, this show is included in your subscription.