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  • The 7 Key Elements of Logo Design

    Above: Top 10 Most Valuable Brands of the World - Forbes Magazine 2016

    Designing a business logo is no small task. You essentially have to find the design elements that represent your brand's identity and your target audience's wants, then weld those things together until they convey more than the sum of their parts.

    No big deal. Right?!

    This complicated process is all about striking a balance. Your logo has to be new and modern, yet it needs the classic elements that give a design staying power. It has to be simple so it can adapt, yet it needs complex elements like space, shape, color, and typography. Creating the perfect logo is like creating the perfect paradox!

    Before you get too deep into the process or too overwhelmed, take a moment and check out this guide produced by the talented team over at Company Folders outlining 7 key elements that can perfect any business logo.

    Characteristics to strive for include: Be Enticing, Unique, Timeless, New, Simple, Consistent and (most important these days...) Adaptable