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  • Inbound Explained

    Inbound Explained

    I'm asked probably 5+ times a week "What is Inbound?". In short, it's the modern way to do marketing. But, honestly, this strategy is nothing new. Simply put... gain trust in order to engage buyers. I found this simple illustration earlier this year and it seems to sum up the major steps quite nicely.

    1. Attract Leads organically by producing stellar content.

    2. Convert Leads by providing releavant, personalized information and content offers that your audience can use for their own education or to better understand how you think.

    3. Delight Leads by being helpful and insightful on what matters most to them – and don't stop being helpful once they close as a customer!

    For more information on "What is inbound?"... be sure to check out this brief on HubSpot's website. You can also check out all of their marketing and sales tips on their blogs here: