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  • The value of great UX Design

    The value of great UX Design

    I happened upon the Wikiwand website the other day researching ideas for a new online publication I'm working on. The concept is awesome. Take an online information resource like Wikipedia and re-engineer the user experience design. Sounds a bit crazy, but I love it.

    As you can see in this picture, the left side shows the original post in Wikipedia - the right side shows the same post using the Wikiwand viewer.

    A few of the added features Wikiwand adds to their view include... 

    1. Sticky nav/toolbar at the top of the interface providing the ability to like, save, share, switch languages and start a new search.

    2. Collapsable menu systems that make the reading experience much cleaner.

    3. A collection of additional menus at the bottom of each post that consolidate the references section, see also, external links, etc...

    4. An added "contents" menu that can be toggled on/off, chases you down the page as you read allowing you to navigate the article quickly and without having to return to the top of the page (as it does on Wikipedia).

    See more at Also check out the free plugin for Chrome and Apple iOS App