Personal Recommendations

You know how “you can’t put Babe in a corner”? Well, turns out “you can’t put Aaron Mazze in a box.” Not just because there’s no perfect label to affix to that box – “designer,” “technologist,” “strategist,” “composer,” “marketeer” and “innovator” merely give you a start – but because if you did have such a box and taped it shut, he’d instantly figure a clever way out of it. Without question, Aaron is not only one of the brightest and most talented people I’ve ever worked with, but he’s one of the brightest and most talented people I’ve ever met -- period. His energy and creativity are infectious, his drive and persistence remarkable. Coming up with proverbial “next big idea” is an exceptional ability in its own right, but Aaron is one of the few who can conceive the idea, rally support around it, and then execute it to precision. Ask Aaron to solve one of your most challenging business problems, and you’ll walk away enlightened, enthused and smiling (if not laughing along with him until you’re practically in tears). He’s a great peer, a great boss, and a great friend.

Joseph Gaitens, APR, AIGA, Brand Communication Strategist, Creative Director & Copywriter

“Without a doubt, Aaron is one of the most creative, enthusiastic and bright professionals with whom I've worked. Blessed with wit, boundless energy and a gift for winning client confidence, Aaron is one of the most natural and effective salesmen you'd want to meet (and you'd want him on your sales team vs. a competitor's, to be sure). On business development calls we've been on together, I've been flat amazed at how quick, how creative, how insightful and how good Aaron is. 

With a background comprising music, interactive media, design, entertainment and more, Aaron is well-equipped to manage projects successfully in the Web 2.0 world. Perhaps most important, Aaron is a born entrepreneur with the capacity not only to envision what could be but the drive and ambition to translate that into what is -- and find a way to make it profitable (and fun, along the way). In short, Aaron is a professional who makes success happen.”

Roger Friedensen, APR, Forge Communications

“Aaron is full of ideas, energy, and innovation. He works very hard to make his ideas come to life and pushes himself and others to take things to the next level. His background, experience, and drive let him not only get passionate about what he is doing, but he also understands what it takes to get the job done. There is never a dull moment with Aaron around.”

Ilias Carre, Multimedia Designer

“Aaron is a guy with big vision, strong work ethic, and an aura that energizes and inspires those who surround him. He's the kind of person you want with you in the board room to establish confidence or seal a deal, yet in the trenches when innovation and great ideas have to spark. But don't worry, he doesn't take himself to seriously and has a unique ability to shift his presence to whatever the situation demands. 

Aaron is passionate about the work he produces — which is all too rare in this day an age — and his positive, never-say-die attitude is contagious. I recommend Aaron as the guy you want in your corner no matter what the business opportunity may be, because he'll find a way to make it a reality.”

Scott McClure, Multimedia Designer, Ogilvy

“A dynamic executive, Aaron Mazze is one of the most creative, energetic people I've had the pleasure of working with. Clients and colleagues continue to rave about his on-target creative strategy, innovative ideas and infectious enthusiasm. 

Aaron is not only a true professional who's reliable and responsible, he's also fun to work with as he brings a new light to every project he undertakes.”

McGavock Edwards, APR, IMRE

“Aaron is an incredibly talented and lively individual to work with. He is full of fresh, innovative ideas and challenges those around him to always produce thier best work, no matter what the opportunity or project. Perhaps his greatest asset is the infectious energy he brings to the workplace, it truly makes the environment an exciting place to be.”

Matt Herring, Interactive and Motion Designer, Cisco

“Aaron's talent and imagination are unparalleled. He commanded the utmost respect from both the employees at Catevo and the clients he worked with and was a key player in the formation of the Marketing and Advertising Group at Catevo.”

Sheila Connor, Director Account Service, Ninth Floor, LLC

“Aaron is a dynamic, creative individual who knows how to inspire the people around him. He's extremely bright, confident and a natural-born leader. Aaron knows how to seize opportunities or create them where most people don't realize they exist. I wholeheartedly recommend Aaron as an enormous asset to any company or organization.”

David Watts, Creative Director, French/West/Vaughn

“A talent in all facets of creative management, project development, and as he might put it, "ideation," Aaron brings fresh insights, energy and enthusiasm to all of his work no matter how large or small the project may be. His foundation for being an outstanding leader stems from the fact that he started out as an artist, practicing in the fields of creative new media and design as well as piano performance and film composition. Aaron brings with him a strong technical sensibility combined with a gift for being able to constantly reinvent the wheel; all of which is undoubtedly underlined with a fun and light-hearted attitude. Without question, anyone who has the opportunity to work with Aaron in the future should know that they are working with a truly remarkable person.”

Rebekkah Schaubach, Creative Director