Inveniv, LLC, Cary, NC ~ 2017 - Present
Customer Experience solutions for the education, technology and healthcare industries. Lead project acquisition, strategy, planning, research and development. Oversee quality controls. Produce, design and develop innovative customer experience solutions for the web, mobile, print, point-of-purchase, video and live platforms.

That's Nice LLC, New York, NY/Raleigh, NC ~ 2015 - 2017
Science-based marketing and brand management agency that empowers clients to achieve their marketing and sales goals through a process of Consulting, Research, Strategy and Results. Serve as the organization's thought leader in driving digital marketing strategies across all Inbound and Outbound channels. Drive high level discussions on the role of digital within client's marketing programs. Lead digital "evangelization" initiatives within the firm. Provide support, coaching, professional development and training to clients and staff.

Merge Healthcare - eClinical, Raleigh, NC/Chicago, IL ~ 2013 - 2015
Establish, direct and lead the organization's marketing and communications strategy. Enhance brand equity and awareness. Define and defend the overall customer and user experience. Contribute to the development of the product road map. Direct all industry and customer intelligence activities. Responsible for planning, budgeting, organizing, staffing, training and managing all marketing functions. 

Raytheon Company, Tucson, AZ/Waltham, MA 2012 - 2013
Lead a team of highly-talented creatives spanning creative writing, publishing, graphic design, illustration, interactive development, video production and more - as we design and develop literally thousands of communications pieces on an annual basis. The team supports internal communications (from websites to webcasts) to over 12,000 employees locally and over 70,000 employees internationally. Advanced Media also produces a multitude of events through out the year including everything from tradeshows to special briefings, awards shows to product releases.

Mazze Media Group, Raleigh, NC ~ 2010 - 2012
Branding, marketing and communications solutions for the education, technology and healthcare sectors. Lead project acquisition, planning and development. Oversee quality controls. Produce, design and develop innovative products for print, web, point-of-purchase, video, radio, and live platforms.

WorldArts, Inc., Raleigh, NC ~ 2008-2010
Define the overall vision and mission of the organization. Communicate the corporate story to potential partners and stakeholders. Discover and invent new strategies to serve creative communities within the Arts & Entertainment industry. Design and develop web technologies. Direct all marketing and communications activities including live events. Build on the vision and inspire others to join in. Liaise with the Board of Directors.


LCI Entertainment (A division of LCI Group), Dubai, UAE ~ 2007-2008
Manage and direct operations and communications in the United States. Serve as a strategist to the Board of Directors. Design and develop complex strategies including new products and services. Develop the organization’s business plan, communication plan and marketing plan. Lead fundraising activities. Coordinate with international teams in Europe and the Middle East.


The Catevo Group (A division of LCI Group), Raleigh, NC ~ 2006-2007
Establish the organization’s creative and communications agency. Manage, develop and direct all agency activities. Helped direct and lead all business development initiatives. Collaborate with design and technology teams to deliver innovative marketing and technology solutions. Set strategy and pace. Oversee implementation of integrated marketing communications initiatives. Initiate foreign operations and coordinate with teams in the Middle East and western Europe.


Sideways Creative Branding, Cary, NC ~ 2004-2006
Direct all functions of the business. Branding, Marketing, Communications and Technology solutions. Lead project acquisition, planning and development. Oversee quality controls. Produce, design and develop innovative solutions for print, web, point-of-purchase, video, radio, and live platforms.


Marketecture, Morrisville, NC ~ 2002-2004
Design and develop integrated marketing and technology solutions for high-profile executive briefing programs around the world. Discover new and efficient ways to engage and track customer interaction through immersive environmental design. Direct all marketing initiatives. Manage internal and external technology and design teams.


VisionFactory, Morrisville, NC ~ 1998-2001
Establish the organization’s new media division. Create intellectual property through the development of proprietary technology systems. Lead design and development sessions. Produce interactive campaigns. Direct the organization’s creative output and manage quality controls.


UNC School of the Arts, Winston-Salem, NC ~ 1996-1998
Set strategy for all on-line initiatives and research projects. Produce, design and develop the University’s inaugural web presence. Provide data collection and analysis. Publish research findings to the State’s General Assembly.